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OpenArt Studio Jacek Kołodziejczak
ul. Antoniego Laubitza 12a/7
62-200 Gniezno

+48 61 415 27 11
[email protected]

OpenArt Studio Super NFT

See the movie promoting the issue of a unique digital copy in the form of OpenArt Studio Super NFT.

OpenArt Studio Super NFT is the official NFT promoting my company OpenArt Studio.
It was issued as an award for active participants of the OpenArt Studio affiliate program.

Super NFT entitles its holder to receive prizes:
- OpenArt Studio GOLD 50 PLN voucher as NFT
- 60 minutes remote assistance services as NFT,
- Airdrops JKCOIN loyalty points.

The number of tokens is limited to 10 NFT.

OpenArt Studio Super NFT was broadcast on October 25, 2022. on my profile in Uncut:

Important information
At the moment, to get OpenArt Studio Super NFT, you have to buy it on the secondary market on OpenSea from others or get all three logos of my projects in the form of NFT on Uncut and contact me for Super NFT.
It should be noted that only the first 10 people who meet the above condition while having the three tokens with the logo on the same wallet will receive OpenArt Studio Super NFT for their wallet in the Polygon network. Only the first 10 people who will be in the possession of OpenArt Studio Super NFT will receive additional prizes (benefits) listed on the token issue page:

Details in the regulations:



 Prezent dla Ciebie!

Zeskanuj QR Code aplikacją Kanga Wallet 
aby odebrać w prezencie punkty lojalnościowe JKCOIN.
Liczba prezentów jest ograniczona zatem kto pierwszy ten lepszy!

W aplikacji kliknij ikonkę menu i wybierz zakładkę: NAGRODY.
Po zeskanowaniu prezent zostanie Tobie przelany na portfel automatycznie.