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OpenArt Studio Jacek Kołodziejczak
ul. Antoniego Laubitza 12a/7
62-200 Gniezno

+48 61 415 27 11
[email protected]



Vouchers to be used for IT services in OpenArt Studio
are a great gift idea!

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An idea for a gift!

  • 114 / 5 000 Wyniki tłumaczenia Tłumaczenie I offer Vouchers for IT services at OpenArt Studio Jacek Kołodziejczak for myself or for a gift!

  • Vouchers can be purchased for PLN or if you have JKCOIN loyalty points, you can exchange them for Vouchers as one of the prizes in the TokenBack loyalty program.

Price list

OpenArt Studio Vouchers

The number of individual Vouchers is limited!
More information on this can be found in Regulations.

Voucher Bronze

2,50 USD

Buy as NFT w OpenSea

For services at OpenArt Studio

Voucher Silver


Buy as NFT w OpenSea

For services at OpenArt Studio

Voucher Gold

12 USD

Buy as NFT w OpenSea

For services at OpenArt Studio

Voucher Platinum

25 USD

Buy as NFT w OpenSea

For services at OpenArt Studio

The OpenArt Studio vouchers we offer are single-purpose vouchers (SPV - single-purpose voucher) because the place of performance and the type of service are specified, i.e. the voucher can be redeemed only at OpenArt Studio Jacek Kołodziejczak and only for IT services (Article 2 point 43 of the VAT Act) ).
OpenArt Studio vouchers are also subject to the exclusion indicated in art. 113 sec. 1 of the VAT Act, i.e. exemption from VAT, for entities whose total sales value did not exceed PLN 200,000 in the previous tax year. This is possible because OpenArt Studio Vouchers are single-purpose vouchers and apply only to tax-exempt IT services provided by us. Therefore, the transfer/"sale" of vouchers is also exempt.
In the case of OpenArt Studio, the sale of our Vouchers is treated as a transaction that does not generate revenue, because the seller of the voucher is the entity obliged to redeem it, i.e. OpenArt Studio Jacek Kołodziejczak (implementation of the IT service). The amount received from the sale of the voucher should be classified as a payment for future services, which is not income. Therefore, the obligation to pay income tax does not arise at the time of sale of the voucher. Revenue will only arise when the voucher is redeemed.