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Why is updating your website software so important?

 Just having a website does not mean that you can forget about it and rest on your laurels.

All kinds of software sooner or later require updating, e.g. Windows installed on your computer or applications on your smartphone.

It is the same with websites. The CMS engine on which your website is built also requires regular updating to the latest version.
This also applies to individual add-ons, plug-ins and components.

A page that is not updated is often slower to load, sometimes unreadable or not displayed properly, e.g. on mobile devices.
Additionally, its position in Google search results is declining.

Updates are also crucial from the point of view of security and protection against viruses and malware.
An outdated CMS is a greater susceptibility to the operation of robots and programs that take advantage of security vulnerabilities, which may result in data leakage, modification of the website code, or even the complete blocking of the site. It is worth realizing that the costs incurred for this reason, not only financial, but also time lost, usually significantly exceed the amounts allocated to updating the website.

Therefore, you should regularly review the website engine along with additions, make backups and make the necessary updates.

That is why I introduced a new service in my offer - WWW Guardian

This way you can be sure that your website is not left to itself.
I watch over all updates and necessary works so that everything is as it should be!

I encourage you to take advantage of the offer.
If you have any questions, please contact me and we will choose the best option for your website.  

 Prezent dla Ciebie!

Zeskanuj QR Code aplikacją Kanga Wallet 
aby odebrać w prezencie punkty lojalnościowe JKCOIN.
Liczba prezentów jest ograniczona zatem kto pierwszy ten lepszy!

W aplikacji kliknij ikonkę menu i wybierz zakładkę: NAGRODY.
Po zeskanowaniu prezent zostanie Tobie przelany na portfel automatycznie.