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In OpenArt Studio you will pay through the Kanga Pay gateway

From March 2023, it is possible to pay in OpenArt Studio via the Kanga Pay payment gateway.

Kanga Pay is a web3 payment gateway for web2 business. It allows you to pay with popular virtual currencies, digital loyalty points and stablecoins.

How it's working?
In operation, the Kanga Pay gateway is similar to BLIK payments, but it is intended for virtual currencies. It also has a 6-digit code system and also works in a few seconds! See the video:

The gate was prepared and operated by Kanga Exchange. Kanga Pay allows you to accept certain virtual currencies and automatically exchange them for the one accepted by the merchant. The whole process takes place immediately, which is very convenient and encourages you to choose this payment method. It is enough that the store, seller or freelancer accepts payments in PLN or in virtual currencies and the client has cryptocurrencies. The customer pays and the Kanga Pay system will convert cryptocurrencies on the fly, e.g. to omega PLN, and send stablecoins to the seller. The store can convert omega PLN into Polish Zloty and withdraw them to its bank account, withdraw it at a Kanga Exchange stationary exchange office or at an ATM.


Online shop
In my online store, I have the option of accepting payments for my services in the form of virtual currencies, including my JKCOIN loyalty points, thanks to its integration with the Kanga Pay payment gateway. The purchase and payment process is extremely fast and convenient!

I created a sample product in the store where you can test how it works:

  • just add the "Test Kanga Pay" product to the cart,
  • go to payment and order form,
  • choose Kanga Pay payment gateway,
  • select the payment currency from the list, e.g. JKCOIN,
  • enter the Kanga Pay code from the Kanga Wallet app and pay.


LINK to test product:


You can pick up JKCOIN tokens for testing as a gift by scanning the QR Code provided at the end of this article.


Stationary shop

Also in direct contact with the customer in a stationary store, thanks to the Kanga Terminal tool, I have the option of accepting payment for my services in the form of virtual currencies. The customer can pay quickly and easily by giving me the 6-digit code generated in your Kanga Wallet application. The cost is covered by the recipient of the payment, i.e. the entrepreneur, and amounts to 1.5% of the transaction value.

Want lower commissions at Kanga Terminal as a merchant?
Enter the code: "JKCOIN" to Kanga Exchange staff and they will reduce your commission costs to 1.3%.


Kanga Terminal 
Kanga Wallet 

Do you want to test how it works or are you wondering how to implement virtual currency payments into your business?

Feel free to contact me!
Jacek Kolodziejczak
Tel: 61 415 27 11 

 Prezent dla Ciebie!

Zeskanuj QR Code aplikacją Kanga Wallet 
aby odebrać w prezencie punkty lojalnościowe JKCOIN.
Liczba prezentów jest ograniczona zatem kto pierwszy ten lepszy!

W aplikacji kliknij ikonkę menu i wybierz zakładkę: NAGRODY.
Po zeskanowaniu prezent zostanie Tobie przelany na portfel automatycznie.

For formal purposes, I have included important messages below for you to read!

  • In accordance with the new guidelines of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, I would like to inform you that the content contains self-promotion, i.e. the promotion of the own brand of Jacek Kołodziejczak, OpenArt Studio and JKCOIN. However, what is important, there are no advertisements, no product placement, and no remuneration from anyone. If there are solutions or platforms that I mention, it's only because I use them myself and decided to share it with others interested in the subject.
  • If we have contact with virtual currencies in any way, we must be aware of the risk posed by the entire ecosystem associated with them. Therefore, you should absolutely familiarize yourself with the possible risks, including the loss of all capital. I recommend checking the risks published here. Before working with a specific company or investing any funds, it is worth checking the entity first.
  • You should be aware that "Kanga Exchange", which supports the payment system Kanga Pay and Kanga Terminal, is on the list of warnings of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) and proceedings against this company are being conducted by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK). Therefore, if someone, like me, still wants to use Kanga Pay and Kanga Terminal solutions from Kanga Exchange, they do so with full awareness and at their own risk!